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FedNow Service Rolling Out April 1st 2023

Today, the federal reserve begins the new US digital dollar rollout program to replace your currency and coins. The program is called FedNow. It will slowly unfold until widespread adoption in July, paving the way for Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC’s). This is just the first layer, or structure for their plan. Cash dollars are already being phased out at government offices, parks and museums. This is the biggest change to the US dollar since it was removed from the gold standard in the 1970’s, and will lead to a surveillance state. Every transaction will be tracked. Most of us will not want to sign up for this program, but the Fed, if they so choose, can force us to, by withholding our Social Security, welfare, food stamps, IRS tax returns etc. Central banks will believe our wealth belongs to them, and they will control all our assets.

Because of the inevitable bank failures yet to come, it would be wise to not have all your assets in the government system. Spread out your wealth as much as you can…You can put some in gold, silver, real estate, barter items, food, supplies etc. I have information about buying silver and gold if anyone has any interest.

Below are two videos verifying this information. The second one is hosted by former Fox News host, Clayton Morris, who has nearly one million subscribers. It is partially commercial advertisement, so only the first part is relevant to this information.

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