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The Importance of Prepping - Supply List

We are being frequently warned by the Biden Administration, that food shortages "are gonna be real". We have also been warned of possible cyber attacks that may take down our power grid. Someone seems to be helping the food shortages along, with the burning down of 17 food processing plants since the first of the year. We also have farmers being paid not to grow crops, and supply chain problems in delivering food to our stores and restaurants. It makes sense to make preparations and prepare for a possible catastrophe that we hope will never really happen.

Items and actions to consider are as follows:

5 Gallon Buckets for use as toilets (Home Depot) - Toilet Seats -8 Gallon Liners - Toilet paper - Toilet Paper Pills - Small Sprayer - Wet Wipes - Have Family Discussion of how to get rid of garbage and sewage

Faraday Bags to Protect Electrical Devices - All sizes available on Amazon

Solar Generators - Gas Generators will need Gas or Propane which will be difficult or impossible to acquire after a disastrous event. Store as much as you can, but you may not be able to get more. For safety's sake, learn how to turn off your gas at the meter.

Water - As much as you can get - You can only live three days without water - Water Purification - Life Straw - Pills - Big Berkey- Clorox - Non-Electrical Filter System - Conservation of water is crucial - Learn how to access the 50 gallons of water in your hot water heater and use the water in toilet tanks if necessary. You need 1 Gal. per person per day.

Rice - Minute Rice will use way less fuel & Water - Dried Rice will keep longer - Research Long Term Storage - Look for foods that when opened or cooked, will keep without refrigeration.

Dried Beans if you have lots of water & fuel available (1 1/2 to 2 hours to cook)

Hersheys Powdered Chocolate -Hard Candy - Kraft Caramels etc.

Oatmeal - Flour - Baking Powder & Baking Soda - Learn how to store Flour & Oatmeal Long term

Instant Coffee - Ground Coffee - Powdered Milk and Coffee Mate - Canned Evaporated Milk or any Milk Type Drink such as Soy or Almond

Canned Foods, Canned Meats, Vegetables, Soups, Beans, Chili, etc.

Salt, Pepper - Sugars - Soy Sauce, and other condiments that don’t need refrigeration.

Matches and Lighters - Fuel Starters - Sterno, Propane - Kerosene Charcoal - Lanterns - Flashlights - Candles

Kitchen Tools (Non Electrical) Potato Masher - Egg Beater - Can Opener

Clothes Pins & Rack or Clothesline

Bartering items such as Alcohol & Cigarettes - Give-away food items such as Top Ramen, Dry Soups etc.

Plenty of Wet Wipes save water - for personal cleaning - toilet wipes etc.

Soaps - Laundry & Cleaning - Toothpaste - Shampoo - Lotion

Baking Soda - Vinegar - Cleaning solvents

Medicines, Prescriptions, Bandages, Band Aids, Vitamin Supplements, Advil, Acetaminophen, Aspirin, Cough Syrup, Nebulizer, Hydrogen Peroxide, Triple Antibiotic - Povidone Iodine

Kleenex - Toilet Paper - Paper Towels - Sanitary products - Razors

Sturdy shoes or boots for walking long distances

Tools - Batteries - Duck Tape - Tarps - Guns - Ammunition (Do not Barter Ammunition) Do not talk about your guns and Ammo - Pepper Spray - Wasp Spray - Other Self Defense Items

Fertilizers & Extra soil for Planting Vegetables

Cat & Dog Food

Books - Novels - How-to Books

The Survival Medicine Handbook and or / The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies - Food Growing Guidebooks - No Grid Survival Projects

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