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The Right Stuff: Political master deception: Part 1

By Earl Heal published Feburary 6, 2023

After seven slave states seceded from the Union on Feb. 2, 1861 (followed later by four more), they commenced seizing federal properties. Secessionist-minded states fired on federal forces of Fort Sumter, South Carolina and captured it on April 14, the official beginning of the Civil War.

The Democratic Party supported the secessionist states.

President Abraham Lincoln’s and abolitionists’ objectives were to restore the Union and terminate slavery. The Democratic Party’s 1864 election platform denied that the secession of states was insurrection, argued for restoration of the secessionist states without freeing slaves, condemned use of military force to combat secessionist military force and argued the war was calculated to prevent a restoration of the Union and prevent the perpetuation of a government deriving its just powers from the consent of the governed. President Lincoln, with his primary concern being Union restoration, introduced his plan for the post-war era in 1863. His “Ten-Percent Plan” specified that a southern state could be readmitted into the Union once 10% of its voters swore an oath of allegiance to the Union. Voters could then elect delegates to draft revised state constitutions and establish new state governments; Southerners would retain their private property, though not their slaves; and all Southerners except for high-ranking Confederate officers and officials would be granted a full pardon. Specified officials would be banned from serving in any government that was established, at least during the Reconstruction period.[..Read More]

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