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The Right Stuff: Political master deception: Part 4

By Earl Heal Published February 27,2023

Earl Heal: The Right Stuff The socioeconomic stature of Americas Blacks and America’s history of its Black race residents from 1861-2023 has been published in the preceding columns: Feb. 9, 16, 23.

• Part 1. The Democrat Party supported the secessionist states and continuation of slavery until they lost the war. President Abraham Lincoln and Republican abolitionists’ objectives were to restore the Union “without malice” and terminate slavery. Lincoln’s Reconstruction was resisted after his assassination and the Compromise of 1877, which prevented further northern enforcement.

• Part 2. Although slavery became illegal, Black suppression prevailed through restrictions of the Compromise of 1877, segregated society, voting laws that prevented election of any Black representatives.

• Part 3. Unrestricted discrimination continued until the 1953 Supreme Court decision outlawed segregated education. Anti-discrimination laws were passed after 1964 with objectives of fighting poverty and racial discrimination. After 58 years, the poverty rate is unimproved, crime has risen nationwide, the close-knit Black family is broken and the national debt has increased to $30 trillion, equalling the War on Poverty investment.

• Part 4 compares what should have occurred. Democratic Party actions and those of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. to bring life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to America’s Black population are in stark contrast.[...Read More]

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