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The Right Stuff: Are we discouraged by our actions?

By Jim McCully Feb 28, 2022

Years ago, I saw an interview of the very successful entertainer and businesswoman Lucille Ball. She said something important: “One of the things I learned the hard way was that it doesn’t pay to get discouraged.” Over the years I have thought about her admonition. I have tried to follow her advice. However, more importantly, I thought about the great leaders we have had in America and their lives.

This past week we celebrated Presidents Day honoring Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

If there were ever two men who could have succumbed to discouragement, it was them. Each was thrust into crisis situations both personally dangerous and professionally difficult for them and world shaking for America. Both men were highly intelligent and determined in their beliefs. One arguably created America as a nation, becoming “The father of our country,” while the other held it together in time of great turmoil, becoming “The great emancipator.” Each was a man of his time and circumstance; one from a prominent colonial family, the other a humble, hardscrabble beginning.[ more]

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