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The Right Stuff: ‘Behold here cometh the Dreamer’

By Jim McCully April 04, 2022 | Posted in Local Opinion Columnists

Jim McCully: The Right Stuff The Right Stuff has published two articles on the Ukrainian invasion. Russian President and War Criminal Vladimir Putin attacked a peaceful Ukraine starting Feb. 24. We have watched this horror unfold.

Occasionally, I refer to the Bible for inspiration. Genesis 37:19-20 (King James Version) says, “They said one to another, behold here cometh the dreamer, let us slay him and we shall say some beast hath devoured him: and we shall see what will become of his dreams.” Who is the beast and who the dreamer?

Putin clearly stated his intentions, not only toward Ukraine but other former Soviet bloc nations last summer. He wants to recreate a buffer zone between Russia and western Europe. He, like all autocrats, will accomplish his aims by whatever means necessary. He’s a very dangerous man. [ more]

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