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The Right Stuff: Biden boys represent a family affair

By Roger Oberbeck

Roger Oberbeck: The Right Stuff: Published April 25, 2022 The Joe Biden family has contracted with Chinese citizen businessmen who have direct ties to those at the very top of China’s Intelligence Agency. These are men with business relationships with Biden’s son, Hunter, and the president’s brother, James, involving sums as listed.

• Che Feng: $20 million – business partner with former vice minister of state security. • Ye Jiaming: $5 million – Founder of CEFC, a China energy firm. • Li Ming: $188,617 Gemini investments. • Zhao Xuejun: $5 million – Co-founder of Harvest Global Investments with daughter of former minister of state security. • Patrick Ho: $1 million – CEFC top executive.

And let’s not forget the alleged gift of more than $3 million to Hunter from the wife of Moscow’s former mayor.[ more]

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