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The Right Stuff: Desperate Dems employ distractions, deceit

By Jim McCully:Published September 26, 2022

As November elections approach, we have seen two interesting things: Desperation and distraction brought on by utter incompetency from the Biden administration. Why desperation? Well, since Joe Biden managed to get elected to the world’s most powerful political office, our nation has gone down hill rapidly. Here are the indisputable facts.

When President Donald Trump left office, America’s inflation rate was at 1.4%, food and energy gasoline prices were stable, there was a secure southern border, removal of 30,000 economically harmful regulations, veterans services were improved, law enforcement fully supported and our military was rebuilt.

NATO was admonished to pay its just share of defense costs. Health care choices were expanded. He appointed more than 200 originalist judges who believe the Constitution means what it says. He created the U.S. Space Force, promoting exploration and technological innovation. ISIS was destroyed, he kept Russia and China in check, finally recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s rightful capital despite the wailing and gnashing of teeth by the Democratic Party – which I like to call the Democrat Socialist Progressive Peoples Party – and the so-called mainstream media.

Trump brokered peace treaties between Arab nations and Israel, breaking the decades-long Middle East stalemate. He lowered taxes, achieving a record setting economic comeback from the previous economic malaise. He created the highest employment of African-Americans and other minorities in American history, including actual wage gains.[ more]

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