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The Right Stuff: Follow the leader? I think not

By Earl Heal April 11, 2022 | Posted in Local Opinion Columnists

Earl Heal: The Right Stuff The United States of America is confronted with obviously weak leadership while simultaneously facing several severe challenging world issues.

Government officials of democracies have historically faced stressful situations frequently wherein statesmen make decisions to strengthen the state while politicians will make self-serving decisions to maintain their power. Hopefully statesman and politicians will address these issues together and make needed corrections. The first major problem is immigration. Since 1965, American immigration law has been based on “progressive justice” – reunification of families, protecting refugees, promoting diversity and, secondarily, admitting immigrants with skills that are valuable to our economy. Prior to 1965, laws were designed to build economic and cultural strength by examining immigrants’ education, health, absence of criminal activity and financial stability. Since 1965, Congress has been both unwilling and unable to make significant changes in the law. Laws are established by Congress, but the executive branch is totally responsibility for enforcement.[ more]

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