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The Right Stuff: Has truth left us at altar of political ambition?

By Jim McCully

February 21, 2022 | Posted in Local Opinion Columnists | Western civilization has an undisputed trend toward liberty and freedom resulting in experimentation in democratic governance.

The concept of Democracy as the vehicle toward liberty has been, by and large, in ascendence for a long time. History has witnessed this in war and peace, tyrannical political philosophies from Socialism to Fascism to Communism have arisen and demonstrably failed because of this desire as man’s eternal yearning for liberty remains strong and seemingly fundamental to our nature.

Where is America in 2022? After listening to President Joe Biden’s embarrassing recent press conference in Georgia, frankly, as my father would say, standing in need of prayer. It was sad watching and listening to a man in decline. Far too many of our so-called leaders elected, appointed or too often self-appointed are hyperbolic with mostly useless banter leading to silly behavior. It seems we have come to a point where political discourse has descended into sound and fury signifying little of value.[ more]

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