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The Right Stuff: Is it truly 1984 yet?

By Jim McCully: published August 29,2022

So, are we living in George Orwell’s famous book, “1984”? A dystopia where “Big Brother” runs everything? Look at our bloated bureaucracy with its nonstop intrusions into our affairs. Now many Americans on all sides are astounded by Attorney General Merrick Garland’s authorized “raid.” And a “raid” it was, complete with automatic weapons and a narrative against a former president.

Many Americans are asking. “How can this happen?” Let me explain.

I spent many years as a special agent and a supervisory special agent in criminal cases for the Secret Service and for the Organized Crime Strike Force. I personally obtained or supervised the obtaining of more than a 100 grand jury subpoenas and warrants: arrest, search, and Title III oral intercepts, commonly called “wiretaps.”[ more]

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