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The Right Stuff: Is Putin a bully/thug or madman?

By Jim McCully March 14, 2022 | Posted in Local Opinion Columnists |

For the past two For the past two weeks or so we have seen the results of what pandering to a world-class bully/thug gets us. Human nature is predictable. From childhood on, we all have seen schoolyard bully’s progress in life to their logical conclusion. Regardless of who or where they are, the results are the same.

A bully/thug on the international stage is something we have all seen with many historical examples.

We know who and what they are. They readily self-identify by their actions. A bully/thug will continue to conduct themselves this way until they are stopped. We all know this and it usually takes time to let folks get fed-up enough to take whatever action is necessary. Everyone knows they must be stopped but enthusiasm for action is often low initially. We all just want to get along and live our lives unmolested by fools. However, much as we abhor dealing with them, we all know they will only respond to two things: fear itself or overwhelming force. Until and unless they are confronted with someone causing fear or someone willing to use overwhelming force, nothing will deter them from thugishness.[ more]

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