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The Right Stuff: Large government breeds incompetence

By Earl Heal: published June 13, 2022

Incompetence is not an impeachable offense, but hopefully, voters will recognize the need to prevent the re-election of incompetent officials.

To minimize that probability, the Founders established elective criteria and short terms of office, but some incompetents do get re-elected or appointed. Let’s review current mistakes dictating unworthiness for re-election.

A whistleblower reported in October 2021 unsanitary practices in a food processing manufacturer, named Abbott Labs, with a 130-year history of operations. It specializes in diagnostics, medical devices, nutrition and generic pharmaceuticals. The Food and Drug Administration delayed an investigation until late December and finally issued a report in February. Four infants had been infected by Chronobecter sakazakii bacteria (two fatally) from September 2021 to January 2022. A 2014 government study had found two-thirds of milk-processing factories have Chrono strains, but this investigation of the four victims found no genetic link to Chronobecter strains found in the Abbott factory. Based on some discrepancies in food testing and record-keeping, the FDA promptly ordered Abbott Lab to stop any further production.[ more]

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