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The Right Stuff: Secret to Christmas joy a simple recipe away

By Dr. Kevin Ryan : published December 19, 2022 the Daily Republic

I want to be Santa for Christmas.

Plump my rump, whip me up a hoary head and white whiskers, bedeck my body in red and white and tickle my tummy for a hearty Ho Ho Ho! Give me the gift of gift giving. I know my first gift and I’d fly into it like down off a thistle.

A recipe; Santa’s Recipe – and I’d give it away.

Here is the skinny on portly St. Nicholas’ boundless joy. Over the past few millennia, Santa has honed his expertise as a culinary critic of how to prepare a bountiful buffet banquet of living. I have it direct from none other than Rudolph that the Merchant of Mirth knows the secret to put the sizzle in your stake in life. If you tune your hearts and minds just right, close you eyes and wish the most selfless ever Christmas wish, you’ll find yourself there. Of course, no iPod’s, cellphones, TVs, PCs, CDs or DVDs allowed. Their frequencies interfere with the recipe, as well as Rudolph’s nose. Mrs. Claus assures me Santa’s kitchen is not one of those wham bam, conspicuous consumption scams that simply pack on the empty calories of pounds of mere possessions.[ more]

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