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The Right Stuff: The rise and fall of the republic: Part 3

The departure report from America’s original principles that were based on human nature and personal responsibility is continuing.

Contrary to political propaganda, national collapse is neither unlikely nor unavoidable. History provides the guide to recovery. The Jamestown colony initially lived by socialistic democracy that was soon rejected after half the colony perished within two years. With new leadership of Capt. John Smith, who enforced personal responsibility principles (no work, no eat), the colony survived.

Does today’s generation have the leadership capability of Captain Smith and the principles of America’s Founders? Health care. The effects of the Medicare Act on consumer costs, private insurance competitiveness, research, and pharmacy availability and pricing are debatable but beyond the scope of this essay.

Life longevity worldwide has improved tremendously since 1800 when the world average was 29 years, and all countries were below 40 years. By 1950 the world average was 46 years, Europe was 62 years and America with 68 years led the world. The 2015 comparison is 71, 78, and 79 years, respectively. Major health-related issues for America are homelessness (highest world rate) and mental health.

Mass-shootings are frequently related to mental health. America rarely experienced a mass-shooting before 1966. From 1966 to 2019, America has led the world with 163 mass-shootings and is now averaging five to 10 annually, using the FBI definition of four or more deaths and random targeting. Many factors undoubtedly factor into the cause. Sadly, but logically, for every mental health case there are presumably hundreds of mentally deficient individuals where they and their family are coping with life issues needing treatment.[ more]

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